How To Monitor Prices From Location Sensitive Stores?

December 06, 2021
How To Monitor Prices From Location Sensitive Stores?

These days, technology helps e-commerce businesses in becoming worldwide operators. Even the tiniest brands can get clients from across the world.

So, what does it mean as far as price monitoring is concerned? In the ocean of various price monitoring tools, you should take note of one extremely important feature – the ability to do price monitoring because they are available to clients from various geographical locations.

What is the Importance of Geographical Locations in Price Monitoring?

With the evolution of e-commerce, different websites have permitted showing various prices (as well as product data) relying on customers’ location. Preferably, retailers would love to know the geographical locations (IP addresses) of every visitor so that they could guide them straight to the corresponding price and currency. It makes price monitoring more difficult and complex. In those cases, a price monitoring bot or tool can crawl merely one price as the website would show various prices as per the geographical locations.

Nothing to worry about as with X-Byte this won’t be a problem!

To be extra precise, X-Byte can monitor:

  • Websites, which show various prices, availability, or shipping costs depending on the client’s address (that is generally derived from IP address). For instance, websites, which depend greatly on this method are Walmart and Amazon.
  • Websites, which openly ask to select a local store – as well as show prices or availability from the store. We have faced such sites in geographically detached countries – mostly from Russia, Australia, UAE, as well as the US.

Fortunately, X-Byte can deal with both scenarios. The clients just need to let us inform them about which locations we utilize. For instance, they can provide 3 different Walmart locations– and we would treat them like 3 different URLs in reports like Walmart A, Walmart B, as well as Walmart C.

Do Diverse Geographical Locations Indicate Different Languages and Currencies?

This is a very good question. And the answer is yes, generally this is the case also. While using something from other countries, customers need to have all the things transparent. It includes shipping costs, currency conversion, as well as all other additional expenses. In addition, how long would it take for a product to get shipped, or how many products are available in stock is also important.


One more issue worth considering is that not all the customers are comfortable with English usage. That’s the reason why different websites are utilizing various languages. Clients feel happier when there is an option of reading product details in the native language – particularly if a product is attractive prices.

These are wonderful news for the customers, however, for price monitoring tools, they prove to be a nightmare! Too many variations, which can affect the product’s prices!

Fortunately, X-Byte’s technology depends on one easy rule: if any human can alter a website’s currency or language in the browser, X-Byte could do that also.

What does that mean for our customers? Put it easily – just provide us with what currency or language you would love to choose, and we’ll do the rest!


The key to getting a fruitful international business is understanding your market. Similar rules apply to the success of all price monitoring tools. In the cut-throat competition, one has to try and find superior and more appropriate ways of helping their customers. If your customer has competitors across the globe, how would you offer him the right data in case, you just can’t solve problems of various geographical locations?

We always listen to our customer’s requirements so that we can come up with useful solutions. That’s the key reason behind X-Byte’s technical superiority.

For all your location-sensitive stores price monitoring service requirements, contact X-Byte Enterprise Crawling or ask for a free quote!