Best Data Scraping Companies Of 2020

August 27, 2020
Best Data Scraping Companies of 2020

Web scraping is a solution for gathering a huge amount of data from the web. The majority of businesses today require data as well as they want this data for regular collection or updates. However, it’s not possible to manually gather data as the World Wide Web is enormous, and more and more data gets added every day. Data scraping, data extraction, or web crawling refers to the collection of topics or industry associated data on the web for different sectors like market research, e-commerce, real estate, human resources, and finance.

Machine learning is transforming a lot of industries for the last many decades. Together, data scraping and machine learning are creating revolutionary innovations for the data world. Data scraping has become very popular in recent years with an increasing number of data. Therefore, if you want to scrape data from any website, you have to either hire the best websites to scrape data or use a product scraper. In the future, machine learning may make the data extraction procedure even faster and easier. Although, today you need to select between two options discussed above. In this blog, we’ll discuss the Best Data Scraping Companies of 2020 with their benefits:

Top Web Scraping Companies of 2020

xbyte io provides completely advanced web scraping, crawling, as well as data extraction services for various industries as well as has wonderful features that help in getting a competitive benefit. At X-Byte Enterprise Crawling, they provide superior services and ensure that you can get back and relax, as your data will be scraped by their professional scrappers. Here are the key features and benefits of X-Byte Enterprise Crawling:

  • Custom-made Approach:

    Conventional data scraping methods are limited in with capabilities as well as it could be hard to have customized data, which corresponds to your requirements. They solve such problems as they deal with challenging cases like additional coding problems or authentication or even fill the forms.

  • No Software Scraping:

    Software scraping solutions could be very costly and complex to use and understand. At X-Byte Enterprise Crawling, we offer you the services and not software. It means you just let them know your requirements and they will deliver to you!

  • No Captcha:

    CAPTCHA is the computer program, which decides humans from the machines through challenge-response testing. Not like most data scraping companies, we crawl and scrape websites having CAPTCHA limitations.

  • Reasonable Pricing:

    As their services are automatic, the cost is lower than normal. Its budget won’t become a restriction if you require data as they charge for web extraction only.

  • Fast-Acting:

    Their team is extremely responsive and ensures to deliver superior services to the customers. In case, you have any concerns or questions about the work, which is progressing, you will surely have a quick response from a team. scrapes data for you as well as most significantly, it provides data in the formats which fulfill your requirements the most. Therefore, you get raw data with the required formats like CSV, Google Sheets, Excel, or JPEG. They can provide your data in the formats or other formats, which are required by you. At X-Byte Enterprise Crawling, they extract images, texts, or other files as per your requirements. Also, they scrape various industries like pharmaceutical, automotive, retail, mortgage, finance, and other industry-particular websites. They have scraped more than 1 billion pages in the previous year.

2. iWeb Scraping

iWeb Scraping extracts data from different websites and puts that in the spreadsheets. It’s very easy to use when comes to data extraction of web pages. iWeb Scraping is a pioneer in terms of what and how much these websites can scrape. This will assist you in helping an online research procedure when you require to get data speedily and in the nicely formatted spreadsheets. iWeb Scraping is proposed as an easy-to-utilize tool for the users of various levels that feel comfortable while working.

3. 3i Data Scraping

The first step in web scraping is to find the website URL we want to scrape. We can start by looking at the TripAdvisor home page. From there, w

3i Data Scraping is another web data scraping company, which makes data scraping procedure easy for all. You don’t require any particular knowledge about coding to extract pages with 3i Data Scraping. You will also get information on different modes of scraping, various ways to have data, as well as how to scrape data. 3i Data Scraping provides automated scraping using these features:

  • Cloud Services:

    Their Cloud Service provides unlimited storage about the data scraped. You can extract and access data using 3i Data Scraping’s cloud platform for 24×7.

  • Organized Scraping:

    As the procedure of scraping is automatic, 3i Data Scraping provides you with solutions to schedule scraping for a particular time. Jobs can be scheduled for scraping any particular time like daily, weekly, or hourly.

  • IP Rotation:

    Auto IP rotation assists in preventing IP blocking. Unspecified scraping minimizes the chances of having blocked and traced.

  • Downloads:

    It is easy to download extracted data in various formats like CSV, Excel, APIs or you may select to save that to cloud databases.

e can navigate to the page for a specific hotel.

4. Scrapehero
scrape hero

Scrapehero is the cloud-based data scraping platform, which aims to make data scraping procedure easy. You don’t require coding, servers, or costly software. Scrapehero needs to help businesses raise by dealing with data chaos on the web by providing an easy way of scraping data from the websites. This work procedure goes through the following steps:

The company gets to identify the clients to know the requirements and wishes to organize the feasibility analysis as well as design solutions, which works the best for clients.

Depending on the difficulty of the resource website as well as scraping volume, you choose on pricing and the company will send you a due invoice.

Then the company makes an account in the client support portal for more communication using customer support managers and data mining engineers.

After approving the sample data, a complete data crawling is organized and sent to a quality assurance tool for making sure that you don’t have any faulty data.

Then the data is delivered in a preferred source including Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3, FTP upload, or through a customized API.

Customers have free data maintenance of data scrapers as a part of their subscription. Therefore, if the customer needs data regularly, they could schedule that on a platform and the data would be collected and shared inevitably.

5. PromptCloud
cloud prompt

PromptCloud does web data scraping through cloud computing technologies, which concentrate on helping business enterprises get large-scale and well-structured data from the web.

Presently, the key industries they extract include finance, travel, marketing, analytics, healthcare, and more. The key characteristics of PromptCloud consist of:

  • Customer Data Scraping:

    Data scraping solutions that deliver data exactly how a customer needs and wants as well as at the required frequency through the most favored delivery channel.

  • Hosted Indexing:

    Targets at indexing scraped data to concentrate on the applicable datasets using a rational combination in different queries.

  • Live Crawling:

    Crawling which is done in real-time for delivering fresh data through search API.

  • DataStock:

    It helps you in downloading clean as well as ready-to-use pre-crawled data available for an extensive range of businesses.

  • JobsPikr:

    Any job data scraping, which uses machine learning methods to cleverly crawl job data online.

Now that we have our hotel information stored in a Pandas data frame, we can plot the ratings of different hotels against each other to understand better how they differ. It can give us good insight into which hotels are better than others and help us make informed decisions when booking hotels.

Web Data Scraping Services

Web Data Scraping Services

Web data scraping service providers, also recognized as DaaS (Data as a Service) companies offer you accurate, clean, and well-structured data when you buy the services.

Web scraping services utilize advanced scraping methods to remove the risks of missing data from hard-coded web pages like websites coded using JavaScript, Ajax, or other composite programming languages. They provide complete coverage about the Internet resources, whereas using the tool, you’ll require to pay for the tool upgrades to use new features or resources. DaaS companies must be your first choice for large-scale operations like lead generation, financial analysis, brand & media monitoring, etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Scraping

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Scraping

All the businesses are always in search of huge amounts of raw data. Having valuable data through web data scraping is a long as well as time-consuming procedure. The tiring and long data crawling as well as search for the information ends when the company outsources web scraping to the services. Working with any professional and reputable data mining company is a solution for all your data requirements. These companies will offer you clean and accurate data from across the web. They are not restricted in terms of the number of pages they extract over the internet as well as can scrape data from the websites having Captcha restrictions.

In case, you want to scrape a huge amount of data for the big project, data scraping services provide important benefits over data scraping tools for scalability, cost-efficiency, and a comparatively short time-frame. Different tools are affordable however, they are restricted in terms of how much and what they can extract. While a few advanced tools offer custom parsing and extraction, these characteristics normally suggest a higher priced model. And that affects the general cost-effectiveness of these scraping tools. Therefore, if you’re taking a huge project, you need to think about working with the web data scraping services for overall data effectiveness that you’ll have in the end.


Getting your data given by expert services to save you valuable time so that you could concentrate on your everyday tasks as well as business growth. Outsourcing will allow your company to concentrate on the key business operations, therefore improve the general productivity. This helps businesses to manage data effectively, thus helping achieve as well as get more profits. Therefore, make an intelligent decision for your future growth as well as select a professional data scraping service that will deal with data work for you!