A well-known online Indian travel portal was looking for technological solutions for hotel price matching.


Hotel Price Matching for Different Hotel Booking Portals

The client needed to create one internal system for hotel price matching with the price data scraped from the competitors. As the targeted websites had dynamic and complex coding elements with thousands of hotel listings, scraping hotel data required a broad infrastructure as well as high-end sources. Our client didn’t possess technical know-how about this and required a well-managed service, which can take the ownership of data scraping procedure. One more important condition was that data has to be scraped at the frequencies as high as two times a day that again is source-intensive.



Client had shared detailed requirements like the targeted websites, crawling frequency, preferred formats of data delivery as well as data points required to scrape from these websites. The use case has come under website crawling service we provide as the sites in a list had various designs and structuring. The client has required the scraped data within JSON format, as well as were ready to utilize X-Byte’s scraping services to access scraped data at the end.

According to their instructions, different targeted websites had to get scraped at various frequencies like daily, two times a day, or fortnightly. Our team has completed a web scraper setup for three targeted websites in only five days as well as the initial data set files were provided to the client. Around 2.5 million records were provided to the customer during the initial web crawling, solving the price matching issue.


Setting up the Crawler The crawler was initially configured such that it could automatically scrape product price and essential data fields for present categories on a daily basis.

Data Template : A template was created utilizing data structuring based on the schema provided by the customer.

Delivery of Data : Without any manual input from either side, the closing data was supplied in an XML format through Data API regularly.

The dataset had all the information including comments, news timelines, most viewed articles, customer behaviour, etc. All of the scraped data was indexed using hosted indexing components, and search APIs were made available so that a client could get the results every few minutes.


  • Adding value from the projects was 50 times spending
  • As our system had sent notifications on the new scraped data, the client had the suppleness of introducing new files in their system when newer data was accessible.
  • Cost saving of around 37% was attained by the customer by not getting to set an in-house scraping team
  • Levels of data quality had increased alarmingly without the time investments from a team
  • Lower turnaround time has improved the capability to market the client’s capabilities and services.
  • Productivity augmented as the data team might work on the other projects. The client had expanded in other verticals.
  • This client got simple and honest access to around 1 million price points every day from the industry.