New Data Scraping at Scale with Quick Turnaround Time by Associating with X-Byte


About Client

The client is the technology company, which assists readers in engaging with publishers. They created tools for publishers as well as individuals to access as well as present trusted and personalized news. Offering well-structured news data for modified feeds, supported by Artificial Intelligence as well as algorithms, which would be depending on the user’s preferences as well as what professionals are interested with..

Using different APIs, which concentrate on users’ signals, the client empowers newsletters based on publishers, who offer impressive personalization between reader and publisher.

County : Canada
Industry : Media

In digital world today, news resources are plentiful through the world, accessible at fingertips of the readers. That’s how people use news is changing having users seeking options to social media. With demand for data, which fits the interests as well as for trustworthy journalism. Having more people getting access to news using smart devices as well as hunger for custom-made news content, the problem is there in categorizing a huge amount of news data every day.



For keeping the business running, this client required to provide quality information sources that a reader could trust as well as assist their publisher partners for better connecting with the readers. It required collecting many news data from thousands of sources online too quickly. This client was requisite to source millions of news data resources every day that needed scraping world’s news data reliably and accurately. The client was looking for the date scraping partner that can offer them using authentic data rapidly. They were searching for somebody having the quickest turnaround time in data scraping. So, the main challenge facing them was scaling and speed. Also, they need to think about the listing of resources in the directory is continuously growing as well as evolving.

After thinking about the costing of hiring internal teams including on-boarding, training, as well as setup, they have decided on subcontracting the project as well as started to assess business types that might offer the data scraping capability they required. X-Byte was a clear option depending on our capability to offer data scraping on a huge scale, data accessibility, quality of data, as well as speed at which data got received.


Accessibility & Quality : 30+ news articles every day

Data Scraping at Scale : 10x cleaner data every day

Freedom to Develop : 10x cleaner data every day

The dataset had all the information including comments, news timelines, most viewed articles, customer behaviour, etc. All of the scraped data was indexed using hosted indexing components, and search APIs were made available so that a client could get the results every few minutes.


X-Byte offered the client having an easily adaptable solution where they can identify resources as well as maintain a constantly higher level of data quality while collecting news data. It also permitted the client to accurately tweak the type of data they needed at scale effectively and efficiently. Using X-Byte, they were directly able to scale data scraping efforts for matching the news content quantity produced every day.

By unloading the collection as well as maintenance about news data to Auto Extraction, it permitted the client to concentrate on product’s development as well as business strategy. The delivery of this data has permitted the client to increase speed of the product development procedure without thinking about maintenance of data pipeline. It has allowed them to be amongst the most inventive technology companies today.

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