A big e-commerce company wanted to recognize the best-sellers for their platform with analysis of Amazon data.


This client wanted to scrape Amazon product data for identifying the bestselling Amazon products and in return come with the future best-sellers for their e-commerce platform.

The client also required the best-selling products from the whole catalog and categories, grouped independently. The necessary data points included the product’s name, description, brand, model, specifications, bestseller’s rank, ratings, and reviews counts.



Amazon Product Data Scraping
  • Client’s Requirements : The client had given us the listing of particular data points to get scraped from Amazon. The latest data sets were required from Amazon weekly.
  • Scraping Setup : X-Byte Enterprise Crawling has set up data crawlers using programming for fetching the necessary data fields and these particular cases come under our website crawling offerings as Amazon product scraper is specifically well-programmed to scrape data from any particular resource websites.
  • Data Delivery : Using our years of experience in Amazon product scraping, we have started providing clean data to this client immediately after the setup got completed. A format of data delivery chosen by this client was XML as well as data was openly uploaded in the customer’s S3 location.


Setting up the Crawler The crawler was initially configured such that it could automatically scrape product price and essential data fields for present categories on a daily basis.

Data Template : A template was created utilizing data structuring based on the schema provided by the customer.

Delivery of Data : Without any manual input from either side, the closing data was supplied in an XML format through Data API regularly.

The dataset had all the information including comments, news timelines, most viewed articles, customer behaviour, etc. All of the scraped data was indexed using hosted indexing components, and search APIs were made available so that a client could get the results every few minutes.


  • All technically complicated aspects of the crawling, as well as scraping, were dealt by our team.
  • Monitoring got set for the resource website for finding changes that require modification of the crawlers.
  • The client had Amazon’s bestselling products, category-wise and ready to become fed into the applications. Our superior-tech stack had handled millions of records every week easily.
  • The setup got completed in some days as well as data was given in record timing.