How APi Is Used To Scrape Tripadvisor Reviews?

March 07, 2022

To extract TripAdvisor data and utilize all of the data, you can use web scraping to automatically retrieve data from TripAdvisor reviews. Web scraping services will entail employing automated bots to fetch the data from an HTML version of a website and deliver the obtaining data in the Excel or CSV format so that you can process, analyze, and utilize the data.

Data Scraping TripAdvisor reviews, being the most effective data collecting tool now accessible, can considerably enhance the capacity to synthesize, organize, and analyze the existing patterns in the hospitality business.

You will be able to acquire the data you need easily and quickly by utilizing an API or HTML module.

Why TripAdvisor Reviews are Necessary?

why tripadvisor reviews are necessary

TripAdvisor reviews will give information about flights, accommodations, activities, and other factors that might benefit consumers:

  • Learn more about the most popular and least popular tourist attractions in a specific location.
  • Conduct an extensive study on trip places.
  • Avoid classic tourist blunders or traps.
  • Learn about new destinations, lodgings, and experiences.

For example, if you want to travel away from Seattle for the weekend, you may utilize scraping to find out which adjacent city is the cheapest. Similarly, you can utilize scraping to identify and prevent frequent mistakes that tourists make when exploring a specific location.

If you own a travel and tourism firm, you should consider reading TripAdvisor reviews since it will help you:

  • Recognize your travel agency’s image and identify areas for improvement. Whether you run a wine tour, a bed and breakfast, a motel, or a hotel, TripAdvisor review data will offer you an idea of how the public perceives your establishment.
  • Understand the latest developments in the travel business and how you can keep up with and outperform your competition.

How Will Web Scraping Fetch Data from TripAdvisor Reviews?


Scraping is the most effective method for gaining access to and utilizing the huge quantity of data included in TripAdvisor evaluations. A scraper will assist you in gathering and transferring data into a spreadsheet for analysis and evaluation.

Previously, you must go through every TripAdvisor assessment and manually add the various parameters into a spreadsheet. For example, after reading the TripAdvisor review below, you would make the following note in your Excel sheet:

  • It’s a five-star rating.
  • On February 5, 2020, it was reviewed.
  • It was sent from a mobile phone.
  • In February 2020, the author visited this place.
  • This review was beneficial to one person.

You can’t take so thorough notes for each evaluation if you scrape. With a few clicks, you can identify which reviews are useful to others and filter your search results to specific regions or facilities you’re searching for. For instance, by searching for nightly prices, you may locate the greatest discounts for various rental apartments. Scraping may also be used to filter reviews by date and author.

Scraping TripAdvisor Reviews using an API

scraping tripadvisor reviews using an api

Instead of inputting each page, you wish to scrape separately, an API will allow you to scrape through web pages in real-time.

An API is a software interface for connecting several computer applications and allows them to send data without disclosing the source code for each data transfer. An API enables you to construct a data funnel from your scraping program to the API to your data analytics software or database with no manual input by allowing data to be moved from one software to another.

APIs can allow users to scrape and separate data categories so you shouldn’t have to filter through a vast quantity of data in your database. It is how you can discover your TripAdvisor reviews and obtain the latest TripAdvisor reviews. You may also use code to instruct your API to give signals to your scraping software to extract certain categories of information from the sites you need, even while you were not at your laptop. This allows you to retain data on datasets that are constantly changing, like stock valuations.

Furthermore, APIs enable you to request information from websites every 60 seconds, which you can then feed through your large datasets, applications, and other procedures. Without the need for an API, you’d have to manually check these sites several times every day.

Although APIs appear to be complicated, collecting TripAdvisor reviews with an API may be rather straightforward.

How Will You Initiate the Work?

how will you initiate the work

Install the web scraping programs you’ve chosen. Before you install the software, make sure you read the documentation. However, certain APIs, of X-Byte Enterprise Crawling are browser-based and do not require downloading.

  • Navigate to the website you wish to scrape.
  • Take note of the URL.
  • Copy and paste the URL into the application.
  • You will then obtain the complete HTML output in a matter of seconds.
  • The majority of online scraping program feature an extraction process for various HTML components on a page. Most scraping technologies, for example, extract the text first. Other extractable categories, such as Inner HTML, Class Attribute, JSON Object, Captcha, href attribute, and complete HTML, can then be chosen. The available categories are determined by the web scraping tool you’re using, so be sure you’ve chosen the correct web scraping tool for your needs.
  • After pressing the “run” button, the API streamlines this procedure by returning all HTML categories.

You may then export the data to your favorite analysis application, such as XLSTAT, GraphPad, or SPSS, once you have received the whole result.

How to Extract TripAdvisor Reviews using HTML Module?

how to extract tripadvisor reviews using html module

You may then export the data to your preferred analysis application, such as XLSTAT, GraphPad, or SPSS, once you have received the whole result.

To initiate scraping using the HTML module:

  • Click on HTML scraper, which will allow you to fetch any type of HTML data from any website.
  • Copy and paste the URL address you want to scrape into the URL area.
  • Paste CSS selectors into the CSS selector field to seek for items to extract.
  • Paste your XPath into the XPath area. You may use XPath to compute values or choose notes from HTML text. Experiment using XPath expressions to extract web data.
  • After verifying the “I’m not a robot” box, click the “start scraping” button. You should now have CSV files with the HTML versions of the URLs you pasted. This HTML scraper, allows you to capture all types of HTML data.
  • Download the CSV file or immediately export it to your database.

TripAdvisor reviews are a terrific place to start for both customers and businesses. Scraping evaluations as a consumer will assist you in planning the best excursion and avoiding frequent blunders. If you own a travel agency or facility, data from TripAdvisor reviews can help you understand what your customers want, allowing you to compete head-to-head.

Though learning how and where to scrape TripAdvisor reviews may appear complicated, it is actually rather simple if you utilize browser-based API and HTML Scraper. Usually scraping solutions require several types of HTML information and must be downloaded; however, API and HTML Scraper will help in gathering all types of HTML data from any website and build up a data funnels to feed your database. These tools can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to arranging, manipulating, and organizing data.

If you are in search of scraping TripAdvisor reviews, contact X-Byte Enterprise Crawling today or ask for a free quote!