How Artificial Intelligence Is Used In Web Data Extraction

November 25, 2021
how artificial intelligence is used in web data extraction

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are the most important topic these days. Web scraping and data extraction technologies are the only reason behind witnessing AI and Big Data. In this blog, we will look at how AI is used to extract data from various websites.

What are the variations evolved in Artificial Intelligence and the extraction of big data? Nowadays, web data extraction has become easy and practical due to the increase in processing power. Powerful web scraping solutions and data extraction technologies will assist you in accessing data even if you do not possess technical knowledge. Artificial intelligence is shown to be the best approach for gathering large data sets from the internet with the least amount of human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning

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Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are not the same things. Computer Learning is the process of teaching a machine to do a given task based on a set of rules and some training samples. To acquire a level of success, the machine learning system requires training and regulations.

Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, teaches itself using a limited set of rules and random training. It can then construct its very own system of regulations based on the information it receives. As a result, AI is a never-ending learning process.

Artificial neural networks are the reason behind continuous learning taking place in AI. In AI, deep learning and artificial neural networks are employed for language and machine vision, segmentation techniques, language modeling, and human motion.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Web Data Extraction

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The internet is a huge database with a lot of information. With this much web data, the possibilities are limitless. The task at hand is to go through this mess of data and make data extraction more straightforward. Data extraction is a time-consuming procedure, even when using powerful web scraping methods. Things, though, are going to shift.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently published a paper on an Artificial Intelligence system that can collect data from the internet and teach itself how to retrieve information. The study presents a data extraction technique that can extract relevant structured data from unstructured documents. In simple terms, the AI system can think like a human. When humans are unable to locate a specific piece of information in a document, we turn to other sources to fill the void. This broadens our understanding of the subject.

This is how the AI system works: it scrapes material from the web on similar topics and fills in the gaps in the information structure.

Artificial Intelligence System Works on Rewards and Penalties

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The ‘Confidence score’ is used to categorize the data in an AI-based website data extraction method. This reliability index is computed from the patterns in the training data and defines the likelihood of the classification being statistically correct. If indeed the confidence score falls short of the threshold, the device will immediately look on the internet for further relevant information.

It will be considered successful once an acceptable confidence rating is attained by extracting fresh data from the internet and combining it with the current content. If the confidence score isn’t met, the procedure is repeated until the most relevant web data is extracted.

This form of the learning process is known as ‘Reinforcement learning,’ and it operates on the principle of reward-based learning. It works similarly to how people learn. Since there can be a lot of doubt when merging data, especially when there is opposing information involved. The prizes are determined by the correctness of the data. The AI learns how and when to optimally combine multiple bits of extracted data along with the training provided so that the responses, we obtain from the system are as accurate as feasible.

Artificial Intelligence’s Web Data Extraction in Action


Researchers give it a task to examine the working of the Artificial Intelligence system can extract the information from various websites. The method was designed to examine numerous data sources on mass shootings in the United States and extract the shooter’s name. The number of people who were hurt, the number of people who died, and the location. The results were amazing since it was able to extract reliable information in the manner required while outperforming normally instructed data extraction processes by more than 10%!

The Insights of Web Scraping and Data Extraction

the insights of web scraping and data extraction

With the ever-increasing need for information and the difficulties in obtaining it, AI could be the missing piece in the puzzle. The findings are exciting, pointing to a future in which intelligent machines with human vision can scan, explore, and extract data. This was created purely to inform us of the required information.

The Artificial Intelligence system has the potential to revolutionize everything. A sophisticated system like this will not only reduce time but will also allow us to take advantage of the vast amount of information available on the internet. In the great scale of things, this early study is just a first step toward developing a smart web crawler capable of web scraping. This was done to fill in knowledge gaps in a short amount of time.

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