How Linkedin Data Can Help Business Intelligence Location And Analytics To Do Better Decision Making?

February 25, 2022

Venture Capitalists are doing better screening as well as a discovery for smoother investments in the early-stage startups, head-hunting agencies are recognizing candidates with distinctive skill sets, whereas Business Developers are describing market opportunities in a better way. Find out how different data sets can boost your business abilities.

4 Productive LinkedIn Data Use Cases


Here are the four ways through which companies are presently leveraging X-Byte’s LinkedIn Datasets Services of publicly accessible data to save:

  • Cross-reference questions on people and companies that could otherwise not become possible
  • Manpower
  • Money
  • Time

Use Case 1: Finding a Company for Investments


It is a Venture Capital company, which invests in SaaS (Software as a Service) (SaaS) companies worldwide. They ask the LinkedIn Datasets to filter the founders as well as develop new or early-stage companies, offering pertinent data that can assist in deciding whether to invest or not in them. This client leverages ‘Data Sets’ to filter, cross-reference, as well as aggregate LinkedIn personal or company profiles. They especially look at:

  • Activities and brand engagement (evaluating targeted audience’s interest in the service or product in question)
  • Changes in the new positions or employment status
  • Employee data comprising experience, as well as employment history of the top leadership
  • Growth or reduction in total employees in the given company
  • New product or feature released data

For analyzing the present state of the entity, where this presently stands in a ‘corporate lifecycle’, as well as what is the possibility for growth.

Use Case 2: Data Analytics to do Better Decision-Making


This company is using mass data analytics to offer their customers planned decision-making insights depending on companies with competitive backgrounds. They specially leverage LinkedIn Data Sets to take strategic decisions as well as take consultation projects with the areas of:

  • Advertising or Marketing: Data Sets with this regard consist of getting potential customers through looking at particular industry segments as well as company characteristics.
  • Business Development: Different data sets consist of analyzing who the main decision-makers are in the organization and also who is an applicable Point of Contact for any specific kind of deals.
  • Empowers Boutique Headhunting Services for Customers: Different data Sets consist of collecting future candidates’ ‘unique skill sets’ like 3D modeling abilities for architecture companies. Other things that they collect consist of language skills and people having different hobbies or interests that often refer to more ‘well-rounded’ candidates.

Use Case 3: Business Development and Sales Intelligence


Providing loan products to different SMBs across the market, the company wants to know ‘relative real-time’ which loan products are in tier one as well as middle-tier banks are presently providing so they could compete with all the institutions. All the loan products are dissimilar in every state due to state laws as well as regulations. Moreover, loan:

  • Availability
  • Pricing
  • Rates
  • Terms

Might differ from one state to another. It is accomplished vis-a-vis Datasets from websites, which track business financials like Crunchbase, Glassdoor, and Owler.

They particularly leverage different LinkedIn Datasets to get access of:
  • Completely grasp the goals, requirements, and challenges, which targeted audiences are presently experiencing on the ‘credit journey’
  • Define market opportunities in a better way
  • Identify company decision-makers and get the most efficient way of initiating operational conversational engagement
  • Sales intelligence includes collecting data on competing for the entities as well as strong consumer audiences to:

Use Case 4: Uncover ‘Influencers’ and Industry Leaders

This object understands the significance of communities given on LinkedIn. They have recognized professionals, which follow definite industry influencers that have turned into ‘informational authorities’. They influence Data Sets to map the targeted industries for clientele to allow them to recognize individuals, which have important clout using corporates. Then, they work in setting up collaborations like:

  • Co-publishing content using said individuals
  • Sponsor them to be an official ‘brand ambassador’

How LinkedIn Data Can Help Companies to Concentrate on the Core Business?


The main reason why the given companies choose to utilize Datasets of publicly accessible data rather than collecting in-house data points is due to Datasets allow them to utilize their resources to grow. Then, they can concentrate primarily on core businesses whereas receiving data from professionals with experience, know-how, and proper technology.

  • Data Cleaning and Improvement Has Been Taken Care Of: It means that different things like corrupted data files and duplicate values have already got removed. Data Sets are correlated automatically with data from other websites inspiring them with extra layers of details so that they could be utilized immediately. It saves time for the company employees and they can concentrate on operational and development tasks, which carry higher values for a company.
  • Leveraging the Best Data Collection Software and Hardware: Collecting in-house data is attended by the requirement for developing, as well as maintaining difficult data collection tech and also the staff having the required expertise to deal with everyday operations. It consists of LinkedIn Data Driving Discovery, Business Intelligence, as well as Analytics to do Better Decision-Making with things like Networks, Servers, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and handle real-time targeted website operational changes, as well as exclusive code enhancements.
  • Know-How of Data Collection: To achieve the complete discovery of the targeted pages needs ample work, as well as prior knowledge. It might be anything from gathering complete or entire company profiles from the online directories or collecting all the posts and comments on the influencer account given on a particular social media network. When the use cases, wide data collection information is needed, for instance, well-developed discovery techniques depending on crawling target’s sitemaps or directories, perusing all the page categories, as well as sub-categories or use semi-random URLs finding algorithms.


‘Datasets’ are revolving open-source data in a reasonable commodity, which businesses can buy to get quick results using fewer sources. If you are searching to recognize:

  • Companies, which are ready for investment
  • Market movers as well as shakers for a marketing agency
  • Proper candidates for headhunting agency
  • Sales intelligence to do smart business development

X-Byte Enterprise Crawling can offer you a pre-collected and ready-to-utilize solution for public data. For more details, contact us!