How To Scrape Coronavirus Outbreak Data Covid 19

March 16, 2020
How to Scrape Coronavirus-Outbreak-Data-(COVID-19)

With the epidemic of new contagious coronavirus (COVID-19), the survivals of millions of people have been affected and related news have been showing on all the platforms. During this situation, it’s very important to scrape real-time data from all official as well as unofficial resources so that public can get a reasonable understanding of the outbreak with clear data sources.

To scrape coronavirus outbreak data from different sources, you can have benefits of web scraping service providers like X-Byte Enterprise Crawling to extract data on the China’s government reports. It can help you stay updated with the newest data. Let’s see how to scrape coronavirus data.

There are a lot of scraping “recipes” available from e-commerce sites to social media websites. They are pre-formatted crawlers, which can be utilized to scrape data from the targeted websites straight away.

Scrape Important and Authentic Sources of Only

Scrape Important and Authentic Sources Only

You need to extract government announcements and news. Another useful website is Tencent news site as it is directly linked with China’s local and central Health Commission. So far, it is the quickest method of getting live information including confirmed cases, recovery, death tolls, and fatality rates in all cities of China.

At X-Byte, we can scrape various data fields from websites like including Total Coronavirus Cases, Total Deaths, Total Recovered, Total Active Cases, Total Patients in Mild Condition, Total Patients in Serious or Critical Condition, Total Closed Cases, Total Recovered/Discharges Cases, New Cases, Daily New Cases, Growth Factor of Daily New Cases, etc.

You can get data different formats like JSON, CSV, Excel, as well as in your database through API. You may also scrape real-time data on the social media sites. They are the templates covering all popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Use Twitter for Scraping to find Corona Virus trends

Use Twitter for Scraping

For instance, if you need to extract latest tweets about coronavirus and see how the people are responding to that, you can take the benefit of “latest tweets scraping”. Here, you can scrape the latest tweets having the search keywords, which you put in. It helps you scrape web page URLs, tweet URLs, handlers, posts, etc.

If you are scraping Twitter, you need to set the scrolling numbers until you get the required number of posts. Also, you may set any numbers you want from 1-10,000. The concept is to make the pages fully-loaded. For instance, if you enter number 10, then the bot would scroll 10 times.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to scrape coronavirus outbreak data to know the real status about the life-taking disease, you can use X-Byte Enterprise Crawling’s coronavirus data scraping services. Contact us for more information.