How To Scrape Data From Mobile Apps

September 07, 2021
data scraping android apps

You must know from where the data that your app consumes, is coming. Monitoring network traffic is what this involves. On Android, Google erects a few impediments to this. Fortunately for us, the community is on our side. We’ll show you how to combine a few tools to get the prize you’re looking for.

You can simply contact X-Byte Enterprise Crawling for mobile data scraping and for a cross-platform way to check the traffic for android apps and get the code. We have declared a tool called apk-mitm and will help you in modifying network security profile information from your applications apk file to view the traffic. The factors important for that are:

Read the instructions for Scraping Android Apps:

1. Develop and Start your Android Virtual Device

To build your emulator, visit the AVD Manager from the tool’s menu inside Android Developer Studio. You don’t need to bother about any special settings; anyone can choose any phone and Android version. Here, we have taken an example of Pixel 3, with a preview version of Android.

Develop and Start your Android Virtual Device
2. Get the APK File and Evaluate it with APK-MITM

To run on our emulator, you will need an APK file. It will only consume a straightforward line to use APK-MITM after it gets downloaded. Check this link where you will be able to find an app to run on an emulator.

Get the APK File and Evaluate it with APK-MITM
3. Setting Up the Proxy

It is preferable to use mitmweb over the other mitmproxy tools. To initiate this on Ubuntu, you must navigate to download the tools and then type “./mitmweb”.

Setting Up the Proxy
4. Setting Your AVD to Use the Proxy

Go to advanced settings of your AVD, click on settings, and then set the proxy. You will have to set it as shown below. Select as the port number, and then click on apply. You will have to reboot AVD and long press SSthe power button to continue.

Setting Your AVD to Use the Proxy

5. Installing the mitmproxy CA certificate on the AVD

Open the browser in your Android emulator and go to Then, to download the certificate, click the android symbol. To install the certificate you downloaded, navigate to Settings -> Security -> Encryption & Credentials -> Install a Certificate -> CA Certificate. If mitmproxy Appears in your Trusted Credentials, you’ve done it correctly.

Installing the mitmproxy CA certificate on the AVD

6. Installing The App And View The Traffic

Drag the file you created in step 2 onto the screen of your device emulator to install the program. When you open it up, you should see some traffic on the mitmproxy screen. This one is pulling a json file from AWS S3.

Installing the App and view the traffic

Feel free to contact X-Byte Enterprise Crawling today!