How To Scrape Google Maps For Local Business Information

September 03, 2020
How to Scrape Google Maps for Local Business information

Google Maps is a crucial source for all the business data lists. With any Google maps data scraping services, it’s easy to find all the data, which you need from Google without any APIs. You can also utilize this data to get business listings, make lead generations, and organize mass mail campaigns.

About Google Maps

Google Maps is a wonderful source of data listings, which provides to have business leads. People get contact data manually for different businesses registered on the Google Maps. About 41% of total Internet users utilize Google Maps services globally. Google Maps is having Billions of users with about 30% of Google searches are available from the local intent or geographical aspects. Google Maps is a most common navigation app available globally having 67% of the market share. With Google Maps data scraping, you can automate the whole procedure of having data from the Google Maps.

One might need an expert Google Maps scraping data provider like X-Byte Enterprise Crawling to get business according to their targeted audiences. One can utilize these business listings to do lead generation, cold calling, and development of a mass mailing campaign.

List of Data Fields

List of Data Fields

With top Google Maps for Local Business Scraping services, you can scrape different data fields from Google Maps like this:

  • Business Name
  • Contact Info
  • Address
  • Google Map Ratings
  • Website URL
  • Business CID
  • Business Open or Not
  • Category
  • Description
  • Email ID
  • Image URL
  • Reviews
  • Verified List or Not
  • Website Email

Key Features of Google Maps Local Business Data Scraping

Key Features of Google Maps Local Business Data Scraping
Email Scraping
Email Scraping

Generally, any emails are not provided with Google Maps, although with Google Maps Local Business Data Scraping, you can still get email addresses associated with the listed businesses. That distinctive feature separates us from market competitors.

Social Simulation
Social Simulation

Google Maps Local Business Data Scraping service providers use different social simulation algorithms for scraping Google Maps, which minimize the probabilities of blockage whereas scraping data from Google Maps.

User Friendly

Any professional Google Maps web scraping provides a user-friendly interface. A user can view all the data scraping operations of Google Maps using the Chrome Browser.


Maintenance is swift to familiarize the alterations of the structural changes in the Google Maps website as well as make changes consequently.

Scrape Google Maps for Local Business Information
Scrape Google Maps for Local Business Information

You can hire X-Byte Enterprise Crawling to get the best Google Maps Data Scraping services. Our Google Maps Scraping Services extract key services to save money with fast results. We provide customized search criteria according to customer’s requests. Our Google Maps web scraping services provide valued results to lead the opposition!

We extract important data from Google Maps as well as help you drive the business successfully through extracting high-quality data.

Why Choose Service Providers like X-Byte Enterprise Crawling?
Why Choose Service Providers like X Byte Enterprise
  • A user will get the business information based on categories grouped with using geographic locations with a CSV Format.
  • Precision about the extracted data is extremely high because the data is openly scraped from the Google search pages. Google Maps show the pages that have been confirmed by Google.
  • Using Google Maps web data scraping, it is easy to get required local results including a hotel, pizza, restaurant, and etc. businesses in the local area.
  • You can get extremely high speed for data scraping.

If you want a top-rated Google Maps Scraping service for hire then contact X-Byte Enterprise Crawling to get the best options!