How To Scrape Twitter For Historical Tweet Data

May 28, 2020

Twitter is an extremely popular social network whereas users can read and send shorter messages named “tweets.” This is an instrument for measuring social events as every day millions of people do tweets to give their opinions about any topic available. This information source is important for both businesses as well as research.

Twitter is a website of the American Social Networking & Microblogging and it is among the most visited websites online. Twitter is a classic website to do microblogging because it helps users to post the latest developments and ideas in the process of shorter messages called tweets that can be sent using immediate messaging software.

Twitter is having around 350 million monthly active users and still counting and the most important thing is those all-important companies, brands, and people are using Twitter for conveying their views on everyday subjects and these opinions and comments matters. Companies like X-Byte Enterprise Crawling provides the best Twitter Historical Tweet Data Scraping Services for scraping data from Twitter websites.

Why Should You Scrape Twitter?

Before you start any research, you need to ensure that research questions get matched with the type of research helped best by Twitter data. Normally, social media extraction is best used while you try to recognize the new concepts that are available online.

Twitter data makes you understand the twitter network, power your tweets and it gathers data about various tweeters including followers, favorites, signup friends, profile pictures, dates, etc., you could recognize who is stated by @usernames, know how the data disseminates, detect the reputation or influence tweets and people, study networks and communities, and explore how different trends are emerging and changing suddenly.

Data Fields You Can Scrape with Twitter Historical Tweet Data Scraping

  • Name
  • Profile Handles
  • @Icon
  • Count of Followers
  • Count of Followings
  • Image
  • Like
  • Number of Tweets
  • Profile Link
  • Replies
  • Retweet
  • Time
  • Title
  • Title Link

With all trending hashtags, you can know what type of marketing campaigns or PR can be beneficial for the company to reach out to the targeted audiences. Twitter will help you do an efficient and low-cost market study. You can scrape historical data from Twitter and also extract Twitter historical data using Sentiment Analysis.

Evaluating tweets from a disaster-hit area might help the government and rescue teams easily send help to those people. Scrapper texts from the tweeted images during the natural disaster could be helpful. The opportunities for what you can do with Twitter data feeds are endless.

Twitter Data Scraping– Extract or Scrape Historical Followers, Tweet, Profile Links, etc.


Twitter historical tweet data scraping is important for the researchers to do research and understand some incidences happening online.

Researchers can utilize Twitter historical tweet data scraping to:

  • Collect data about tweeters like followers, friends, sign-up dates, profile pics, etc.
  • Follow up the effect of tweets on the people
  • Identify who are mentioned using ‘@’ usernames
  • Review how trends are developing and changing with time
  • Study other twitter communities and networks
  • Study the popularity of people and their tweets on twitter

You can also use Twitter API to extract data from twitter, which is legal as well as authorized by Twitter for third-party usage without running any type of trouble using Twitter.

Twitter won’t allow you to scrape much data outside what an API does for you. For that reason, the majority of twitter scrapers utilize other scrapers or create customized scrapers. Doing that won’t get you in trouble as per the objective of gathering data from Twitter.

Wrapping Up

The prospects of what you might do with Twitter data feeds are unlimited. At X-Byte Enterprise Crawling, we scrape historical data from Twitter, and we also use Sentiment Analysis to scrape data efficiently.