How To Scrape Used Car Data Using Web Scraping

June 30, 2021
How to Scrape Used Car Data Using Web Scraping?

The industry of used cars has transformed in the last decade as well as it is driven by data as well as is anticipated to reach $1.9B by the year 2027. Data enables businesses to take decisions depending on the statistical numbers, facts, and trends.

Because of modern technologies, getting data has become much easier. Now, you can get advanced web scraping services like X-Byte Enterprise Crawling for collecting data feeds across different online portals, OEM websites, as well as marketplaces. Data mining or web scraping is the procedure of scraping a huge amount of data from targeted websites.

Then the data could be utilized for analyzing industry trends, tracking fluctuations in the used car pricing, or even gather customer ratings and reviews to improve the business strategy. In case, you want to expand as well as improve your motorized business, web scraping is the solution, which can assist you in getting closer to the business objectives you have.

Why Should You Scrape Used Car Data?

Web scraping is the procedure of scraping data from different websites. The usage of this technology witnesses widespread admiration in a pre-owned automotive industry, particularly during this pandemic situation. A few reasons are given here:

Customers of Used Car are Moving Online

How to Scrape Used Car Data Using Web Scraping?

During the present pandemic situation, consumers prefer online platforms for research, comparison, and buying used cars rather than visiting dealerships personally.

Existence of Disorganized Players Online

You will get many disorganized players, who rule the industry in many countries. Though, the majority of them are not having an account of their own as well as depend on their offline or online platforms to help C2C sales of used cars. The revenue is produced through commissions received from the sales.

Know Customer Purchasing Trends

How to Scrape Used Car Data Using Web Scraping?

The businesses of used cars are using data scraping to scrape data from different platforms like, AutoTrader, Autoscout24, as well as other local popular websites to understand consumers’ buying trends including:

The vehicle type from categories like SUVs, Sedans, and Hatchbacks, which are observing more interest from buyers

  • Particular models
  • Average pricing points
  • Extra features, which buyers are looking for

Vigorous Business Strategy

The extracted data can assist businesses in getting the rhythm of the market, as well as help, streamline pricing, operations, and other methods to serve the market in a better way.

What are the Data Fields, Which Can Be Extracted from Used Cars Websites?

How to Scrape Used Car Data Using Web Scraping?

Different data fields could be extracted from the websites of the used cars. Some most common extracted data categories include:

  • Model
  • Year
  • Make
  • City
  • State
  • Pricing
  • Interiors and Exteriors’ Color
  • Product Description
  • Fuel Type
  • Product Image URL
  • Customers’ Reviews and Ratings
  • Transmission
  • Miles
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Scraping tools could be customized for collecting all the data fields or target only a few categories. All the data gets collected as well as can be offered in a well-structured manner to provide valued insights to associated businesses. Depending on data, they could optimize their strategies as well as improve their aids.

What Can You Do with the Extracted Used Car Data?

There are many different ways where scraped data could be used to improve your business strategies. Let’s go through some examples:

Used Car Pricing Data

How to Scrape Used Car Data Using Web Scraping?

With growing competition, prices are the factor, which can offer your business an advantage over others. Depending on competitors’ price structure, you may work on the price strategy to make sure that the offerings are more attractive and competitive.

Used Car Ratings and Reviews

How to Scrape Used Car Data Using Web Scraping?

The ratings and reviews extracted from used car sites can assist you in understanding car categories, models, colors, etc., which are very popular amongst consumers. The ratings and reviews may also offer detailed insights into the service quality breaks of other businesses and customer fears that you can utilize to improve and highlight your services.

Creating an Auto Database

In case, you are completely new to this used car business, a comprehensive overview of the market can help you make your marketing strategies. Data could be extracted from different online platforms like used car sellers as well as OEM websites for making an auto database, which provides a thorough overview of the whole industry.

Creating a Price Formula

The online available data could help owners of used cars to understand how different factors play to influence car pricing. Understanding the association between pricing as well as other factors like conditions, year of manufacturing, model, drive type, and mileage can assist a used car business in developing a working price formula.

Location-Based Pricing Trends and Customer Behavior

Rather than having an umbrella approach, it is very important to familiarize the business strategies to best fit the geographical locations. Web extraction data depending on the location may allow businesses to know local trends like which manufacturers, models, and kinds of cars have high demands in various regions or states, what the price formula in every location is, as well as which fuel source is preferred. Understanding all the local trends could help the used-car businesses in getting an aggressive advantage over the local players.

Scrape Used Car Data with X-Byte Enterprise Crawling

The market of used cars is dynamic having users varying the pricing depending on the demands or lack of demands. Such data monitoring needs a used car data scraping service provider that can consistently collect this data depending on the schedule. Our used Car Data Scraping API makes sure that you get the required used car data in real-time. X-Byte Enterprise Crawling can create customized web scraping APIs for websites that do not have the API to assist you in achieving this.

X-Byte Enterprise Crawling is amongst the best web scraping service providers, offering data to some biggest businesses in the world. Our pre-built data scrapers and easy-to-use web scraping tutorials help small businesses, analysts, and students collect data from well-known websites easily and affordably.