How Web Scraping Can Help Hotel Businesses Most Effectively?

July 23, 2021

It’s not easy to stay competitive as well as become fruitful in any business or industry and scraping openly accessible data using web scraping plays an important part in any company’s success. If you use the appropriate data to analyze your position and strategy in this market, it will assist you in staying competitive. It is also true for e-commerce companies and applies also to other sectors like Hospitality, Real Estate, Market Research, and Human Resources.

The hospitality business includes hotels as well as other service-associated activities is at the top of its growth. As per World Tourism Organization, the total international tourist appearances hit 1,322 million worldwide during 2017! The number had improved by 7%, representing the sturdiest results in the last seven years. This travel business is presently amongst the most aggressive industries worldwide. You can find many ways about how web harvesting and data crawling can benefit this hotel industry as well as our blog post is written to reply all the questions regarding hotel data scraping.

Hotel-related Data, Which Can Be Scraped

Hotel comparing websites use data scraping for several reasons. You can have a huge amount of information, which these companies can gather to later study and use to do hotel marketing. Let’s take some examples:

  • Hotel’s name, address, zip code, city, country
  • Hotel’s details depending on hotel category and type
  • Hotel facilities, room types, and occupancies
  • Hotel’s star ratings
  • Accepted payment methods by hotels
  • Contact person’s name, email, phone number, website, and fax number
  • Details about special traveling packages from various booking sites
  • Photos and images used by different hotels and hotel comparison sites
  • Ratings depending on the feedback and reviews given by the customers from booking sites
  • Special promotions or holiday sales
  • The pricing of rooms as well as all the available services in the hotel

In easy terms, anything you have on the hotel website could be scrapped as well as used for various purposes. These details could be extracted straight from hotel’s authorized sites. Although, currently there are a lot of booking sites available, which provide all the details regarding hotels, for example,,,,, and

As there is ample data available about the competitors, you can stay competitive, recognize trends as well as do much more. For hotel comparison sites, the data offered by them recognize their usefulness and relevance to their users. Additional data means additional evaluation, therefore superior results for website users.

Easy Ways of Using Web Scraping to Help Hotel Marketing

Data scraping could be extremely useful if you use it in the right way. Just think about these easy ways where you can utilize web scraping to help your industry.

Brand Management :Following web pages for collecting data on what the people are saying about you as well as your competitors are the way of staying competitive.

brand management

This data collection can always be beneficial for your company’s development. Considering the reviews, it’s easy to get insights about what could be enhanced in hotel management. Sales figures and customer experience are closely associated, so always monitor what people say about you online.

Make Your Private Data Warehouse: Utilize data scraping to extract information like images, pricing, customer-centric data as well as other information to make your private data warehouse. Then, the data could be analyzed as well as used as per requirements.

Price Affordability : Using web scraping, you can monitor the stock accessibility as well as price alterations in the industry. Monitoring competitors’ pricing will assist you to stay competitive in the competition. Also, keep yourself updated about the promotions will help you stay in the game. Selling services at competitive prices is an extremely important portion of the e-commerce industry. Therefore, hotel comparison sites heavily depend on price data scraping for staying updated.

price affordability

Identify Spam Reviews : Client’s Reviews are amongst the most vital opinion-makers intended for future clients. Around 88% of the customers say that they rely on online reviews, just like personal recommendations. Although, currently there are a lot of fake reviews posted on the websites, which are planned to deceive the readers. Identifying the spamming that is illegal plays a significant role in the reputation. Web scraping for crawling reviews would help you find the fake reviews as well as block them.

identify spam reviews

Offer Superior-Targeted Ads : Any web harvesting services could track all the activities and reviews on your site and also people that are behind it. You may utilize data harvesting for getting demographic facts regarding the audience like gender, age, location, and occupation. The data could be used for the company’s extreme benefit. The sentiments, as well as behavioral analytics data, would help to know the users better. Therefore, you would make more particular and closely targeted ads, which are popular and working better.

offer superior targeted ads
Web Scraping Helps You Stay Ahead in the Hotel Business Competition

With data scraping services of data crawling as well as data extraction would prove to become extremely useful for the hotel business. Whenever you get data in the preferred format, it’s easy to analyze that for any particular requirements. Ultimately, suitable data usage would help you stay ahead in the market as well as improve the hotel’s marketing endeavors.

Lead Generation

lead generation

Do you know that the most significant requirement for generating leads is collecting data? For generating high-quality leads, all businesses need information, which is updated and reliable about each prospective lead. As you collect more data, the better are the chances of getting actionable leads. Data scraping to do sales generation includes four steps:

  1. Sourcing: Defining the targeted audience and recognize the sources that you’ll utilize to scrape data about.
  2. Extraction: Regaining the formless data for additional processing.
  3. Cleansing: Identifying and deleting the data, which is inaccurate or corrupt.
  4. Structuring: Organizing, formatting, and structuring data for making that well-structured as well as ready for more analysis.

You can have many ways of scraping data about a hotel’s perspective leads. Think about scraping data like telephone numbers, email, and mailing addresses online. You may also think about purchasing the ready-made data from web scraping as well as the life easier. One more time-consuming method is to gather information manually as well as combine that using social media, whereas you can get a targeted audience as well as industry influencers. While you have data that is updated and high-quality, so you can utilize it for reaching your prospective leads.

Competitor’s Analysis

competitor’s analysis

Competitor’s analysis is a very important element, which helps you get excellence and success. This is the driving force, which keeps you well-informed about what’s going on in the business. Scraping competitors’ data could be extremely useful. You can utilize these data for pricing and advancement planning. In addition, it could be used for analyzing your strengths as well as weaknesses in today’s competition, making suitable strategies, which will lift your success.

Think about these following important factors, which should be considered:

SEO Approach : Doesn’t matter if you’re providing the hotel services, the marketing efforts had to focus on web platforms also. The internet has become the main place that your prospective customers would look to know what value you provide. Auditing the competitors’ SEO tactics will help you find backlinks, popular keywords, as well as landing pages, which are doing well. Gathering such data as well as doing a deeper analysis would surely assist you in creating a robust SEO campaign.

seo approach

Pricing Strategy : Monitoring competitor’s prices is extremely useful. Web scraping would help you get updated as well as utilize pricing in the real-time. This will offer you data, which would provide you insights into the product price strategies that your opponents are using.

pricing strategy

While you gather pricing data regularly, you can identify the strategies like when the competitors will change the pricing, how frequently they will do that, is there any particular trend or correlation. You would get answers of all these questions when you analyze data. If you know the pricing strategy of your competitors, you can lead the market. You would be well aware of how and when they will change the prices as well as can get the benefit of this.

Identifying Trends : Following the trends as well as collecting data about what’s going on is also very important. This will help you get a superior understanding about the coming challenges as well as opportunities in the marketplace. Through interpreting data, you’ll arise with tactics, which are further than what’s going on in the business. Hotel marketing would become extremely aggressive.

identifying trends

Quality Control

quality control

Collecting data is a very useful way of analyzing the industry. Although, it shouldn’t get restricted to do competition analysis. Data scraping services can be utilized to scrape data about your business. Amongst the most helpful ways of using data scraping is to organize data, which is already accessible about the company. Refining your current data will assist you to get well-organized as well as decrease the number of possible problems.

Organizing self-audit could be applied to your current internal data or you may also utilize web scraping for scraping data about the company depending on the feedbacks or reviews left by the customers. Analyze the feedbacks, examine the reviews given on the hotel comparison sites, as well as comment on different social networks. Study both the negative and positive comments, to recognize your strengths as well as weaknesses.

Business Intelligence

business intelligence

BI or Business Intelligence is an extensive term, which refers to the technology-driven procedure of providing actionable data depending on the data analysis. Here, the objective is to offer this data to executives and managers to assist them to make well-versed corporate decisions.

Data scraping can assist to gather all the information. There are a couple of key segments for data resources:

Internal Data : The internal data is extracted from HR, finance, sales, marketing, as well as other divisions of the hotel business. Converting this basic data to actionable data will improve your decision-making as well as determine profit and revenue.

External Data : It is the data from outside the hotel business. It implies to data that we’ve already conversed including competitor-associated data as well as feedback from different web podiums.

Data scraping plays an important part in business intelligence. Power-driven by relevant information, business intelligence could improve the hotel marketing labors and offer new insights to do improvement.

Wrapping up

Data scraping has numerous benefits to provide for the hotel business. Data extraction as well as web crawling are economical, super beneficial, and easy to execute. One alternative is outsourcing the scraping work to any third-party business. That is how you would ample time. By getting high-quality and updated data, the marketers would spend time more resourcefully for data analysis.

Data scraping maximizes limited but very important sources that are time, team, and money. This assists in mining unstructured data online and transform that into structured data. Then, the data is given in the format, which is easily understandable. Also, this helps in getting insights about how to increase hotel marketing as well as produce actionable leads. Utilize web scraping services to transform raw data to actionable data to be successful and stay competitive.