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May 26, 2020

Best LIHKG Web Data Scraping Services – Scrape or Extract Hong Kong Social Media Data from LIHKG

Crawling best LIHKG scraping data is a whole new concept – predominantly because most social networking websites have collected it in the last decade. However, it’s important to collect ever-increasing and User-Generated-Content because most of the companies are worried about that including services or product reviews, brand monitoring, feedbacks, complaints, competitor analysis, general brand sentiments, brand analysis, etc. X-Byte Enterprise Crawling offers the best LIHKG Data Scraping Services to Extract or Scrape LIHKG Data and Hong Kong social media data.


LIHKG Forum is a very popular forum, taken from website HKGolden. The website is getting popular ever since the year 2016 and this has become among the finest forums of Hong Kong. This website has become renowned during the 2019 Hong Kong Anti-extradition bill protests because it was the platform for discussing policies against the government.

Membership registration is limited to the people having a Hong Kong ISP or association of higher education positioned in Hong Kong. All these registered members can make threads on the website whereas uploading the content including images, hyperlinks, or text posts. After that, these posts got replied and could be voted up/down by other members. All these posts are separated into various categories and they are grouped together using the “Chat” category.

Scraping LIHKG is a hard job to do for in-house data having departments of the majority of companies because the websites have composite structures as well as they limit the data frequency and amount that they offer to the crawlers. You might avoid all types of risks of hiring an expert like X-Byte Enterprise Crawling that can deal with all the end-to-end requirements as well as offer you the required data with the minimum turnaround time. LIHKG helps the crawlers to scrape data with their individual APIs to control the data about their users as well as activities.

List of Data Fields


At X-Byte Enterprise Crawling, we extract the following data fields from LIHKG Forum:

  • Forum Title
  • Forum Description
  • Forum Category
  • Last Updated
  • No. of Likes
  • No. of Dislikes
  • No. of Pages
  • Post Details
  • Forum history

LIHKG Scraping

At X-Byte Enterprise Crawling, we have the expertise in scraping and crawling LIHKG data in actual time. The popular use of the data is within customer service, brand monitoring, competitor or sentiment analysis, and trend watching amongst others.

Our low-latency instruments can scrape data depending on particular keywords, geographies, categories, or a blend of all. We can handle various complexities like multiple languages, tweets, and profiles of any particular users. (As per geographies or keywords)

Why Choose Us?

  • At X-Byte Enterprise Crawling, our LIHKG scraping services extract the required LIHKG data professionally and skillfully at the most reasonable rates.
  • X-Byte Enterprise Crawling’s LIHKG data mining is selected because of high accuracy and productivity levels.
  • Our LIHKG web data scraping services transform data in a well-defined manner so that the clients can utilize the data freely.

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