Scrape Electric Vehicle Charger Availability

May 13, 2020

If we go through the data, the U.S. had around 78,500 charging outlets and also approximately 25,000 charging stations to plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) during March 2020. A considerable amount of chargers is accessible in California, with 6,835 stations and 28,545 power outlets.

Mobile apps like EVgo, Volta, Chargepoint, and Electrify America offers EV quick chargers to local and state governments, retail, commercial, fleets, as well as different other businesses. They assist the property owners in getting new customers, increasing revenues, and raise the property values.

With the help of these apps, it’s easy to find an electric charger and check the real-time availability before reaching. You may also get different directions from current locations to the selected charging station’s locations.

They also offer services like governmental and autonomous fleets, car-share, and ride-share, among others. They give access to all the public networks of EV charging as well as private charging places tailored for partners’ requirements.

X-Byte Enterprise Crawling helps you Scrape Electric Vehicle Charger Availability with our Electric Vehicle Charger Availability scraping services for mobile apps like Chargepoint, Electrify America, EVgo, and Volta.

List of Data Fields


At X-Byte Enterprise Crawling, we provide the following list of data fields to perform electric vehicle charger availability scraping:

  • Charger Availability
  • Charging Station Location
  • Compatible Charger Availability
  • Pass Credentials
  • Progress Tracking
  • Real-time Session Status
  • Vehicle’s Charge Status

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