What Will Be The Cost Of Web Scraping Data From Websites

January 13, 2023
What Will Be The Cost Of Web Scraping Data From Websites?

Due to the advantage of making data-based decisions, web scraping solutions has recently expanded to become a crucial part of many large businesses. A rising number of firms choose to have their own constructed in addition to using third-party programs or agencies for web scraping. How much will it cost me to web scrape is a regular query we receive. It depends on your project as the standard response.

This blog will examine how much web scraping costs while considering all your alternatives and potential uses.

The choices for web scraping include:

  • Internal web scraper development
  • Engage web scraping service providers.
  • Hire a web scraping service provider as a contractor
  • Utilize self-service web scraping technologies from third parties

What is Web Scraping?

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is a technique that involves using small pieces of software to visit a website and gather data by specified criteria. As a result, you may quickly receive, filter, organize, and save semi-structured or plain text data from thousands of web pages.

The use of different computer languages results in many different web scraping tools. The most popular options are those that translate HTML markup from web pages to other data formats like JSON, XML, or CSV. We’ll cover this type of program later, though.

Manual and automatic web scraping are both options. Although manual data scraping takes time, we are all forced to do it. You can outsource this task to reputable data input contractors in India or the USA if manual scraping is less expensive than custom scripts.

Depending on the technology or technique you employ, automatic web scraping can be a challenging procedure.

Let’s examine these site scraping techniques in more detail:


The quickest but most time-consuming way is copying and pasting. People manually handle the data extraction during the copy-paste procedure, which is time-consuming. However, there are situations when it is required and quite effective, particularly when technology automation becomes impractical or prohibitively expensive.

Executing HTTP requests and DOM parsing

This scraping technique works for all projects. Although it’s not the most straightforward method, the more advanced the scraping algorithms, the better the results you’ll obtain and the less time you’ll need to clean the data.

It is possible to obtain static and dynamic pages using this web scraping technique and HTTP headers. In this scenario, you must send HTTP requests to distant servers and handle the responses these servers return to you.

Web-Crawling Programs

There is no need to utilize any CLI commands or create any code. Use currently available software to complete this task for you. Such software can automatically gather data from websites, transform it into understandable data, and then store it locally in a database or export it to a file.

An unchallenging user typically uses web-scraping software to escape straightforward data extraction tasks.

Web Scraping Methods and Cost of Web Scraping?

Web Scraping Methods and Cost of Web Scraping?

Internal Web Scraper Development

If you need more technical expertise inside your firm, we can rule out this choice because the learning curve is very steep, and this challenge will be nearly impossible for you to complete. It will initially appear like a straightforward process if you are a developer or have a dev team, and it can be if everything goes according to plan. Sadly, it hardly ever does. You end up finding you’ve spent a lot more time and money than you anticipated as you spend time making minor adjustments and bug fixes. Here, we’ve listed some of the drawbacks of this choice.

Factors to think about

Many variables affect how much it currently costs to construct a web scraper internally, including:

  • Cost of servers, data storage, and proxies
  • Developer time for the creation, maintenance, and normalization of data – Whether you are creating the
  • Scraper from scratch or not will affect the developer cost.

Hire a Web Scraping Service Provider as a Contractor

With the growth of the gig economy, this has become another widely used choice in recent years. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Stack Exchange, and Toptal give you access to skilled labor worldwide.

Low-cost locations, including India and Pakistan, charge roughly $40 per hour for experts. Average $20 per hour

Experts in higher-cost locations, such as the US and UK, are roughly $80 per hour. $50/hour for mid-level

The advantage of hiring freelance developers for web scraping is that they are frequently professionals and will take less time than generic developers that work for your organization in-house.

Engage Web Scraping Service Providers

Hiring a professional agency as your outsourcing partner is wise if you want to shift liability. By working with service providers, you may establish a service level agreement (SLA) that will guarantee you receive your data when and how you need it while relieving you of all the hassles and details. All you have to do is pay a monthly subscription fee, but this is typically the more expensive choice.

Usually, when you request quotations from service providers, you will receive a breakdown in the following style.

  • Website setup costs at first
  • Monthly managed
  • service cost
  • Payment dependent on the quantity of records, such as $10k, $10k–100k, or 1M+ records
  • Fees for any additional services, such as integration and reporting.
  • Utilize Self-Service Web Scraping Technologies from Third Parties

Most users who have gone through the bother of developing web scrapers, creating code, and maintaining infrastructure consider finding the ideal tool a pipe dream. A proper tool can speed up building systems or maintaining infrastructures like servers and proxies.

For a monthly subscription charge, many software providers offer programs that let you scrape data. When it comes to most use cases and websites, this is the most practical and cost-effective option.

Free trials or plans may be available for some apps with limited capabilities or page scraping limitations.

Most tools will typically have three pricing tiers with different package limits on the number of requests. The request limitations for Package 1 will roughly be 1,000–25,000 pages/requests, 25,000–250,000 pages/requests for Package 2, and 250,000–1,000 pages/requests for Package 3.

Using a Web Scraper that Already Exists

An existing web scraper is the best option for your web scraping requirements.

The creation and enhancement of various web scrapers have allowed them to scrape different websites over the years. These also have the advantage of having fewer problems and errors.

The price scraping varies according to the web scraper you use and the requirements of your project. Numerous online scrapers offer free and paid plans with fixed costs for your projects, doing away with expensive hourly pricing.

Web Scraping Tools

1. iWeb Scraping

iWeb Scraping

iWeb Scraping is a popular online scraping tool because it is excellent at pulling data from complicated websites. Even if the free plan has several restrictions, it is still an excellent option for people who wish to explore web scraping.

The professional plan costs $599 per month, the enterprise plan is $189 per month, and the regular plan is also available (they will give you a quote when you contact them).

2. 3i Data Scraping

3i Data Scraping

Three payment methods are available with this web scraping program. It offers three different plans: Standard, Corporate, and Enterprise.

The Mozenda website needs to display the actual prices. If Mozenda’s web scraping features satisfy your requirements, you may use it and make a request.

3. X-Byte Enterprise Crawling

X-Byte Enterprise Crawling

Simple data extraction is possible using this Google Chrome extension utility. It is a free and straightforward screen web scraper that allows you to upload the extracted data from online tables to Google Docs. It should be sufficient for straightforward web scraping tasks with modest data volumes.

4. RetailGator


Another well-liked browser extension for online scraping is Web Scraper. You may easily configure your Scraper and download the data to a CSV file with a few simple clicks and points.

Cloud scrapers are available in its premium plans for speedier data retrieval. The monthly fees range from $50 to $300.

5. ReviewGators


You can easily choose a managed data service if you can’t handle the pressure or learning curve of constructing a scraper. Supply the websites you wish to scrape to the web scraping service provider, and they will deliver all the required data. In other words, you will save time getting to know the software.

Besides Scraper, many web scraping programs, including the ones we discussed above, provide web scraping services. Particular data needs heavily influence the price of a data service. You need to contact the web scraping service provider to obtain a price estimate. Pricing typically starts at $450.


We identified the critical concepts behind web scraping and its techniques in this article and the best sites to utilize for it. Finally, we discussed the most common instruments and their prices. After reading this essay, we trust that you better understand the critical distinctions between platforms and custom solutions.

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